August 17, 2013

As always we want to thank you all for coming out and enjoying a great night of racing had a good bit of action in different classes along with a few new cars making there debut at hill valley speedway.

The road runners we had eleven cars show up to race in which the heat winners were the 11s of Charlie Stallman and the 77L of Heath Leonard. The feature had the 11s of Stallman and the 5 of Williamson on the front row. The green flag dropped and Stallman had the early lead with Williamson gaining on him and challenging  a few times for the lead. Which Williamson gains due to Stallman having some problems mid way through. The 22 Barry Snyder pits early due to left rear tire getting ready to come off which ended his night. Toward the end of the circuits 52 of Sam Barge and 77L get tangled up in turn four and sends the 52 in the wall which will require a tow for both cars to the infield till race finished. With the number 5 of Justin Williamson adding yet another win at the bull ring good job.

Strickly stock V6's made there second appearance at the bull ring this season four cars showed up to race for this event. One car went off early during the warm ups for mechanical issues and would not return. Three cars were left for the heat and feature the heat race was dominated by the 71 of Shyla Winnick. In the feature the 7AC of Elam Oberholzer was off to early lead as the 71 of Winnick was gaining on him to challenge for the lead. Near the end of the circuit 71 of Winnick went out with mechanical issues believed to be transmission problem. That left two cars on the track. The 71x of Erin Winnick and the 7AC. The 7AC of Elam Oberholzer goes on to take the feature win. During the interview Mr. Oberholzer stated "we just pulled this out of the weeds about an hour before coming here" "talked to Emery Covert he said he had a few down there to pick one so we got this one" Choose a car and went on to win it congratulations.

In the mini stocks the heat race winners were the 92 of Frankie Gordon and the 88 of Dan Smith. We had 14 cars lined up for the events. One of the early highlights in the heats was a tangle between the 20 car of Denny Cramer and 16 car of Gage Whitsel which needed to be pulled apart to continue racing minor damage done to the cars and they were able to continue racing. The features Frankie Gordons 92 car is off to early lead with the 10 of Jeremy Ott and 01 of Gary Dehart running third. Mid way through the 16 car of Gage Whitsel is forced to pit due to radiator problem from a crash in turn four. Green flag racing begins again and the number 10 machine is challenging the 92 car. They run close three or four laps till the Jeremy Ott Machine takes the lead. Another yellow comes out the 28 of Phil Boden begins to smoke in turns 1 and 2 which ends his night with mechanical issues. Jeremy Ott gets the green and goes on to take the win over 92 of Frankie Gordon great racing.

Street stock division had 10 cars for the event. Heat winners were the 66 of Cris Edwards and the 48m of Greg (Spike) Moore. On the pole to start the feature was the 66 of Edwards and the 22* of Ryan Sager with driver Bill Henney at the helm. Edwards 66 car running the inside of the 22* challenging Henney for the lead. Edwards managed to get up there for a few seconds before resorting to second again. Further back the field the 48m of moore was making his way through the traffic to get into the 3rd position over the 59 of Mike Desch. The 22* of Bill Henney goes on to win the feature with 66 of Cris Edwards second. During the interview "The track was great we had a cushion on the top exactly how I like it" Congratulations on bringing the 22* Ryan Sager machine in to victory lane with Bill Henney at the helm as driver for the night.
Hobby Stocks this was a hard  one to keep track of events being as we had 22 cars for what turned out to be some pretty awesome race in this division. Heat race winners was the 13 car of Brad McGinnis and the 73 of Terry Norris. Hard charger award went to the V1 Tim Wagner. In the feature so much going on the number 10 of Jimmy DeArmitt and the 66 of Carl Snare. The Green flag dropped and DeArmitt was off to early lead. Followed by caution with the 55 spining out in turns 1 and 2 no one else involved.  Back to green DeArmitt was being challenged by the 66 of Snare but the 21 of Austin Johnson was maken quick work of the field along with the 13 car of Brad Mcginnis. Austin Johnson gains the lead on around lap 8. The yellow comes out the 34d of Curtis Dunn gets a flat tire on the rear of his car and brings it to a stop on the back stretch infield. Track goes under green a gain and Johnson is being challenged byt he 66 of Snare and the 13 car of Mcginnis trying to give Snare a run for his money to get the second place position.  Johnson holds of Snare and Mcginnis to go on to take the win well done and congrats.

Late models  had a total of 15 cars showed up to race in the event. The heat race winners were the 39 of Tim Smith Jr and Eric Irvin in his 87 And the 5z of Brain Lessley. In the feature the 39 of TIm Smith Jr. gets early lead and around lap 9 a spin by the 5 car of Denny Bonebrake looses control as the 188 of Jason Peachy gets loose on the bottom and 21 of Davey Leidy goes up the middle. Denny Bonebrake takes the 5 car to the pits with some plastic damage to the left front. The 25 car of Brad Long avoids the spin by going high and hits the rear corner panel of the jersey barrier leaving a spark trail. Back under green 39 of Smith still leads but the 21* of Troy Swindells machine piloted by Robbie Black was coming up fast. 87 of Eric Irvin running second. 21* takes the 87 machine and is attempting to get the 39 of Smith. The 21* piloted by Robbie Black goes on to take the feature win with the 39 of Tim Smith Jr. Finishing second and Eric Irvins 87 machine finshes 3rd. 

Thanks again to all the fans that support the track and to the racers who put on a good show for the fans. With out the sponsors and people such as youselfs this would not be possible Thank you all.

Mini Stocks

  1. 10 Jeremy Ott
  2. 92 Frankie Gordon
  3. 00 Eric Seibert
  4. 88 Dan Smith
  5. 41 Chris Anderson
  6. 01 Gary DeHart
  7. 65 Dillon Wilson
  8. M1 Justin Butcher
  9. 20 Denny Cramer
  10. 28 Phil Boden
  11. 64 Travis Semple
  12. 16 Gage Whitsel
  13. 76 Tim Williamson
  14. 92x Tony Hampton

       Heat Winner: Frankie Gordon
Dan Smith

6cly strictly stocks

  1. 7acElam Oberholzer
  2. 71x Erin Winnick
  3. 71 Shyla Winnick
  4. M1 DNS

      Heat Winner Shyla Winnick

Hobby Stocks

  1. 21 Austin Johnson
  2. 66 Carl Snair
  3. 13 Brad McGinnis
  4. 73 Terry Norris
  5. 2 Alex Boozel
  6. 10 Jimmy Dearmitt
  7. 13x Chase Gamble
  8. 31 Derrick Graybill
  9. 1 Brad Karns
  10. 72B Shayann Bard
  11. V1 Tim Wagner
  12. 15N Denny Norris
  13. 21B Joey Burgde
  14. 73* Amber Mills
  15. 73B Brandi Mills
  16. 7 Curtis Guyer
  17. 51 Shawn Fessler
  18. 7N Ryan Norris
  19. D34 Curtis Dunn
  20. 44 Shawn Shoemaker
  21. 55 Jason Kipp
  22. 5* Scott Saylor

Heat Winners
Brad McGinnis
Terry Norris
Derrick Graybill

Street Stocks

  1. 21* Bill Henney
  2. 66 Chris Edwards
  3. 48 Greg Moore
  4. 29 Mark Whitsel
  5. 5 Ronnie Garlock
  6. 59 Mike Besch
  7. 20 Emory Covert
  8. 48x Larry Duvall
  9. 29x Justin Gearhart
  10. 9 Josh Gustaff

Heat Winners
Chris Edwards
Greg Moore

4cly Strictly Stocks

  1. 5 Justin Williamson
  2. 22x Derek Gahagan
  3. 47 Ellis Whitsel
  4. 50 ½  Ben Hess
  5. 2m Adam Morgan
  6. 11s Charles Stallman
  7. 7 Willie Copenhaver
  8. 77l Heath Leonard
  9. 52 Sam Barger
  10. 22 Barry Snyder Jr.
  11. 1 Travis Wilson

      Heat Winners
Charles Stallman
Heath Leonard

Late Models

  1. 21* Robbie Black
  2. 39 Tim Smith Jr.
  3. 87 Eric Irvin
  4. 11 Brad Kling
  5. 52 Brian Lessley
  6. 5w Wes Bonebrake
  7. 99 Tim Snare Jr
  8. S10 Danny Sollers
  9. 99x Ken Stitt Jr
  10. 25 Brad Long
  11. 188 Jason Peachy
  12. 21 Dave Leidy
  13. 51 Denny BoneBrake
  14. 5 Ken Beck
  15. M14 Travis Stoner

Heat Winners
Tim Smith Jr
Eric Irvin
Brian Lessley


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