August 24, 2013

This week at Hill Valley Speedway we had the sprints on hand running. The 270 sprints, 600 sprints, 600 strictly stock sprints also joining were the mini stocks, thunder cars and hobby stocks. With the hobby stock having the biggest turn out with a total of 20 cars present in that class.

The 600 Sprints  had a total of nine cars show for the event with the 11R of Shelby Rowles taking

The heat race win during intermission the track was graded off to make for a smooth surface for the sprints. The 1A of Cale Reigly and 11R of Shelby Rowles were contending for the lead few laps into the event the 1A of Cale Reigly takes the lead and never had to look back. During the interview Cale stated

“The track was great want to thank Steve Bard and his crew for having us out here and re grading the track it was fast and made for great race I never had to lift the whole race”

In the strictly stock 600 sprints had nine sprints turn out for the event. In the features the green flag dropped and the race was on.  Going into turn one the 87 car of Barry Hines brings out the red flag flipping his car end for end. Driver was ok and check out by the Orbisonia Rockhill ems crew. Cars got restarted the 55 of Alyssa Rowe had a stroke of bad luck again with the chain coming off her ride which ended bit Hines and Rowes night in the feature.  The 71 of Tim Glacken and the 36 of Wayne Dadetto both add a win at the bull ring congratulations everyone was great racing.

The mini stocks had 10 cars for the event  with the number 10 of Jeremy Ott and the 20 of Denny Cramer taken the heat race wins. The 92 of Frankie Gordon on the front row in the feature when the green dropped he was off and running. Second and third was being challenged by a few different cars the 00 of Eric Seibert,21 Jason Stoner, 20 Denny Cramer,10 Jeremy Ott ,88 Dan Smith. Ott held on to second trying to run Gordon down then later challenged for second by the 88 of Dan the man Smith. Smith takes second and Ott has to settle for third when the checkered flag waived. As The 92 of Frankie Gordon adds yet another win at hill valley speedway. Way to go all.

Thunder cars had 7 cars for the event with the heat race winner being the 40 of Dj Keefer. The feature had Justin Rasp sitting on the front lines and he never had to look back. Second was  being challenged by Keefer few times but the 17x of Jeremy Moore car piloted by Raymond Middaugh held Keefer off. The 47 of Anthony Hampton was running third but over taken by Keefer to leave Hampton with the fourth spot. When all was said and done the 9 car of Justin Rasp comes out with his third win at the bull ring.

270 sprints 11 cars showed up for the event. The 18 car of Brian Marriott and the 67 of Ken Duke was the heat race winners. The 18 car of Brian Marriott lead the feature and never had to look back leading it flag to flag. 24X of Missi Seip went out early on in the feature with mechanical issues and didn’t return. The 9 of Tyler Reich and the 67 of Ken Duke also had there night end early. Congratulations to the 18 car of Brian Marriott on his first feature win at hill valley.

As said earlier the biggest turn out with 20 cars for the hobby stocks. With the heat race winners being the 21 of Austin Johnson, 2 of Alex Boozel, 73* Amber Mills taken her first ever heat race win. During the features the 13 of Brad McGinnis was one of the pole sitters. McGinnis off to early lead few cautions for flat tires. One red flag came out the 7n of Ryan Norris losing a tire and the 35 of Aaron Jesee catching fire. The 66 of Carl Snare was running 4th and was forced to pit with mechanical issues. The checkered flag waived and Brad McGinnis adds another win at hill valley speedway. The results are as follows below.

Hobby Stocks: 13 Brad McGinnis, 7 Curtis Guyer, 21 Austin Johnson, 2 Alex Boozel, 13X Chad Garrbol, V1 Tim Wagner, 72 Tavis Horan, 15N Denny Norris, 10 Jim DeArmitt, 72B Shyann Bard, 73* Amber Mills, 44 Shawn Shoemaker, 5X Scott Saylor, 7N Ryan Norris, 73B Brandie Mills, 35 Aaron Jesee, 51 Shawn Fessler, 66 Carl Snare. (Heat Winners) 21 Austin Johnson, 2 Alex Boozel, 73* Amber Mills.

600 Sprints: 1A Cale Reigly, 14T Tyler Watson, 95 Garrett Bard, 11R Shelby Rowles, 7L Gunner Layton, 6 Hank Donavan Jr., 36 Wayne Dadetto, 4 Mike Holley, 79 John Flick. (Heat Winner) 11R Shelby Rowles.

600 Stock Sprints: 71 Tim Glacken, 89 Lance Yeager, 36 Wayne Dadetto, 5 Sean Garman, 1 Devin DeArmitt, 17 Seth Garman, 28 Scott Garman, 55 Alyssa Rowe, 87 Barry Hines.

Mini Stocks: 92 Frankie Gordon, 88 Dan Smith, 10 Jeremy Ott, 59 Frank Gordon, 21 Jason Stoner, 00 Eric Seibert, 41 Chris Anderson, 65 Dillion Wilson, 76 Ronnie Garlock, 20 Denny Cramer. (Heat Winners) 10 Jeremy Ott, 20 Denny Cramer.

270 Sprints: 18 Brian Marriott, 8L Luke Kroboth, 20 Cory Myers, 3 Adam Wagner, 58 Dan Roush, 47 Alex Reinsmith, 8 Jerry Palm Jr., 10 Dave Hollor, 24X Missi Seip, 9 Tyler Reich, 67 Ken Duke. (Heat Winners) 18 Brian Marriott, 67 Ken Duke.

Thunder Cars: 9 Justin Rasp, 17x Raymond Middaugh, 40 Dj Keefer, 47 Tony Hampton, 50 Marcus Childers, 2 Eric Grubb, 1 Brandon Seibert. ( Heat Winner) 40 Dj Keefer.


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