August 31, 2013

This week we had the return of the steel block late models along with the 4 and 6 cylinders as well as the thunder cars, street stocks and the hobby stocks. Track was fast according to the drivers in victory lane. Although during intermission had some lighting go down the speedway crew was able to get the lights back up and running and went back to racing. Had some new faces  at the track again as well which you’ll read about later on here. Here’s what went down at the bull ring.

Four Cylinders the heat race winners was the 5 of Justin Williamson and the 11s of Chris Anderson. Feature the 1s of Wilson starts out on the pole later has some mechanical issues and takes it to the infield 50 ½ of Ben Hess gets pushed to the infield by the wrecker for mechanical issues mid-way  through. The 22X of Derrick Gahagan has the front hood clips come loose and gets black flagged causing his night to end mid-way through as well. 22 of Barry Snyder Jr. spits and sputters his 22 machine to the pits leaving few cars to complete the race. Justin Williams in his number 5 machine goes on to take the victory in the 4 cylinders.

Once again we had the strictly stock V6’s at the track with the heat winner being the 71 of Shyla Winnick. Four cars were present for the race. Feature went with the 7AC of Elam Oberholzer leading but the 71 and the 71X of Erin Winnick was closing in to challenge the 7AC. The M1 of Eric Seville seemed to have some issues with the car he was piloting and fell back later taken over by the field. As the laps wound down 71 of Shyla Winnick takes the lead over Oberholzer attempting to get his spot back a few times he was forced to sacrifice the lead to Winnicks 71 car. The 71X of Erin Winnick also made quick work over the 7AC and goes on to take second. With the 71 of Shyla Winnick adding another win at the bull ring.

Thunder cars were back on the agenda with seven showing up to run. With the heat race win going to the 40 of Dj Keefer. Features had some action in the back field the 17x Jeremy Moore, 9 Justin Rasp,7 Randy Stull making it all but three wide coming out of turns 3 and 4 the battle went on till the 9 of Rasp got loose on the front stretch and regained control and had to catch back up to the field as the laps ticked off it was was the 40 of Dj Keefer adding another win at hill valley.

Hobby Stocks had 16 cars in the feature. The heat race winners was the 73* of Amber Mills adding another heat race win to her status later on pulls a heads up pill and is placed on the pole in the feature. Another winner taken her first heat win was the 73B of Shyann Bard driving it like she stole it. Third heat winner was the 44 of Shawn Shoemaker over taken the 21 of DeArmitt to add a heat win. The feature the green flag dropped and the 73* Amber Mills was hauling the mail leading. Caution came out and few laps went back under green in what I would guess was lead jitters the yellow came back out for early jumping third time was the charm and gets a good restart for green flag racing. Running it for all it was worth got a bit loose coming out of turns and four and the lead was taken by the 13 of Brad McGinnis who went low and took advantage of Mills who ran the middle. Once McGinnis was in the lead he didn’t have to look back and goes on to win yet another victory at the track.

The street stock heat winners the 48M Greg (Spike) Moore. The 22* Ryan Sager getting heat race number two win. Nine cars ran the feature with the 22 of Boyd Brode as the pole sitter the green flag dropped and Brode was off to races  22* of Ryan Sager challenged once getting up to the rear tire of Brode but the 22 machine held the lead and didn’t have to look back Boyd Brode goes on to take the first win of 2013 at the bull ring congratulations.

Late models had some new racers in the field with the 73J of Jim Andrews, 52 Brian Benton, 43 Jacob Jones all showing up to run the bull ring. Three heat races were ran with the winners being 43 Jacob Jones, 21* Troy Swindell’s car piloted by Robbie Black, 15B Josh Berrier. Heat race winner 43 Jacob Jones  pulls heads up and becomes pole sitter in his Lazer Chasis late model. The green dropped and Jones took early lead caution flag out for the 10 of Dan Sollers and 188 of Jason Peach crashing in turns 1 and 2 they get lined back up to go green again few laps tick down again the caution flag comes out. 73J Jim Andrews gets loose in 3 and 4 then stops 15B Josh Berrier, 21* Robbie Black, 25s Steve Bailor. Lined back up laps are counting down again caution comes out for 188 of Jason Peachy and the 52 of Brian Benton cars were separated Benton takes his car to the pits. Green flag racing starts again and the winner  from Shermans Dale Pennsylvania driving the Lazer Chasis 43 car Mr. Jacob Jones his first time racing here at hill valley and winning. Talking with his team members before the race gentlemen stated first time here and decided to try something different and showed up to the bull ring. Congratulations on the win. Hope to see new faces to the race track along with the regulars you the fans and the drivers make it all happen hard work and dedication. We keep one of the best sporting events alive support your local tracks.


Late Models: 73 Jacob Jones , 5Z Brian Lessely, 87 Eric Irvin, 11 Brad Kling, 21* Robbie Black, S10 Dan Sollers, 73J Jim Andrews, 15B Josh Berrier, 188 Jason Peachy, 52 Brian Benton,11X Ronnie Bottenfield, 5 Ken Beck, 25s Steve Bailor.

Street Stocks: 22 Boyd Brode, 9 Josh Gustaf, 66 Cris Edwards, 48M Greg Moore, 5 Ronnie Garlock, 29 Mark Whitsel, 22* Ryan Sager, 29 Justin Gearhart, 20 Emery Covert.

Hobby Stocks: 13 Brad McGinnis, 73* Amber Mills, 44 Shawn Shoemaker, 31 Derek Grabill, 51 Shawn Fessler,10 Jim DeArmitt, 14X Wayne Irvin, 7N Ryan Norris, 72B Shyann Bard, 1 Brad Karns, 73 Terry Norris, 13X Chad Gable, 66 Carl Snare, 21 Austin Johnson, 35 Aarron Jessee, 73B Brandie Mills.

Thunder Cars: 40 Dj Keefer, 47 Tony Hampton, 17X Jeremy Moore, 2X Eric Grubb, 9 Justin Rasp, 7 Randy Stull, 50 Marcus Childers.

Road Runners 4 Cylinders: 5 Justin Williamson, 11S Chris Andrews, 19 Nathan Woolley, 7 Willie Coopenhaver, 47 Ellis Whitsel, 1S Wilson, 22* Derrick Gahagan, 77 Heath Leonard, 50 ½ Ben Hess, 22 Barry Snyder Jr.

6 Cylinder Strictly Stocks: 71 Shyla Winnick, 71X Erin Winnick, 7AC Elam Oberholzer, M1 Eric Seville.

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4-27-13 5-4-13 5-11-13
5-18-13 5-25-13 6-1-13
6-8-13 6-15-13 6-22-13
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