September 7, 2013

This week the hobby stocks had the week off from racing at the speedway. This week we had the street stocks on hand. Along with the steel block late models and the 4 cylinders had a powder puff race which the highlights you’ll read here shortly. Few highlights included some red flags being thrown. Things got pretty interesting.

Powder puff race had three cars to run in the 4 cylinder strictly stocks. The 11s of Rayshawna Hardy, 77 of Angie Edwards, 22 Abbie Krause. With the 11s leading it flag to flag way to go on the win Rayshawna Hardy.

Thunder cars heat winner was the 40 car of Dj Keefer. The 1s of Brandon Siebert had some tapping going on with his ride and had to retire to the pits in the heats and later in the feature as well. The feature had a red flag event for the 50 car of Shawn Fessler running his ride till it caught fire think he was trying to burn the tires off literally. Fessler exited the car track crew took care of the fire. The 40 of Dj Keefer had to retire later in the feature in what appeared to be right front steering trouble. The 17X of Jeremy Moore lead the feature event the yellow flag on last lap. The green flag dropped and 17X took off then what almost seemed as if it may have popped out of gear Moore fell back and the 2 car driven by Eric Grubb car owner Troy Showalter goes on to take the lead. Later found out the 17X loaded up and died going into turn one. Grubb goes on to take the win. During interview trying to fight the tears of joy over winning “ First ever feature win since I sold my mini this year were running Mr. Showalters car. I thought for sure Moore had it and then something happened we had a good car”. Congratulations on gaining your first win Eric Grubb.

Mini Stocks was pretty eventful as well with heat winners being the 59 of Frank Gordon and the 10 machine of Jeremy Ott. The feature had the 59 of Gordon get flat right rear and just before a spin happened in turns three and four and caused small chain of cars getting some metal bent. The 76 of Chris Anderson and the 59X Eric Siebert get hooked up in turns three and four and had to bring out the red flag to get the cars apart. Back under the green with Ott leading the 17W of Matt Williamson challenging Ott for the lead a few times before having to settle in for second. The 10 Of Jeremy Ott goes on to take another feature win at the bull ring.

4 Cylinders yet again eventful filled with the 11S of Chris Anderson taking the heat win. The features the 1S Harry Fortney had to retire early on in the feature for motor issues smoke filled up the car as he went around the track towards the pit road. 22 of Barry Snyder Jr. seemed to be having some mechanical issues and pitted but had it back out in powder puff races piloted by Abbie Krause. The 22X of Derrick Gahagan hit the wall coming out of turn four and later black flagged due to hood popping up obstructing view. The 5 of Justin Williamson and the 47 of Ellis Whitsel were the front runners running side by side a few times going into turn two they get hooked up from my view and Williams struck the jersey barrier and exited his car. Though the yellow flag was hanging on the flag stand this was the third red flag event to get the track cleared of people etc. Three cars remained on track till this event and the 77L Heath Leonard was declared the  winner of the 4 cylinders.

Street Stocks your heat race winners were 48M Greg (Spike) Moore 22* of Ryan Sager car piloted by Chris Edwards. Features went pretty smooth in this event with some events that involved the 29 Justin Gearhart pitting early with front fender damage and hood coming up in the front. 88 Khi Swanger also pitted early due to front end issues. The 22* of Edwards made attempts on getting past Moore’s 48M but Moore was able to hold him off and lead the race flag to flag picking up I believe race win number 10 for the year. Congratulations on yet another win.

Steel Block Late Models had 15 on hand to run. Heat race winners consisted of the 11 of Brad Kling, 82 Andy Fries, 87 Eric Irvin. The feature went pretty quick the 76 of Welsh loses it in turns three and four 15B of Josh Berrier gets by it barely and the 52 of Bryan Benton gets caught in the middle with the 188 of Jason Peachy coming to rest beside Benton. The 52 of Benton had to retire due to right front steering damage to his ride. No stranger the track we had the 44 of Jim Ohara make another appearance at the speedway. Along with 73J Jim Andrews,52 Bryan Benton also had Andy Fries back at the bull ring. The 11 of Brad Kling was the race leader 82 Andy Fries gave Kling a run at the lead few times along with the 39 of Tim Smith Challenging Fries for position until he had to retire early due to mechanical issues. That left the door open for the 87 of Eric Irvin to move into third and attempt to catch Fries and Kling.  Leading it flag to flag it was the 11 car of Brad Kling clenching his second win at hill valley with a right rear tire going low. Congratulations on your second win.

Result line ups:

Late Models: 11 Brad Kling, 82 Andy Fries, 87 Eric Irvin, 5Z Brian Lessely, 44 Ralph Morgan, 15B Josh Berrier, 44 Jim Ohara, S10 Dan Sollers, 73J Jim Andrews, 39 Tim Smith Jr., 5 Ken Beck, 99X Ken Stitt Jr., 188 Jason Peachy, 52 Bryan Benton.

Street Stocks: 48M Greg (Spike) Moore, 22* Cris Edwards Piloting Ryan Sagers car. 9 Josh Gustaf, 22Boyd Brode, 3 Chad Parks, 29 Mark Whitsel, 5 Ronnie Garlock, 88 Khi Swanger, 20 Emory Covert, 29 Justin Gearhart, 48 Mike Duvall.

Powder Puff: 11s Rayshawna Hardy, 77L Angie Edwards, 22 Abbie Krause

Road Runners: 77L Heath Leonard, 50 ½ Ben Hess, 22x Derrick Gahagan, 22 Barry Snyder Jr., 11s Chris Anderson, 7 Willie Coopenhaver, 1s Harry Fortney

Thunder Cars: 2 Eric Grubb, 17X Jeremy Moore, 40 Dj Keefer, 1s Brandon Siebert, 50X Jake Griffith.

Mini Stocks: 10 Jeremy Ott, 17W Matt Williamson, 92 Frankie Gordon,16 Travis Semple,88 Dan Smith,20 Denny Cramer,65Dillion Wilson,10X Gary Newell,76 Chris Anderson,59x Eric Siebert,59 Frank Gordon.


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